Game Changer

Poland has just changed the rules for the Ukrainians. By offering to send a company of Leopard II to them, they have opened the possibility of rapid manoeuvre and devastating striking force. We have long debated the force on force worthiness of the Leo II vs the T80/T90 and soon we shall see who was… Continue reading Game Changer


I have just published a new book, which you can find on the My Books page. This book is about more than just battlefield leadership.  Tactical skill and masterful maneuver is not enough.  Leaders need to master the principles of command.  Command skills are building blocks.  Leadership is the mortar that binds them together.  Years ago, NATO became enamoured of… Continue reading Leadership

Invasion of Ukraine

The continuing tragedy unfolding in Eastern Ukraine is at risk of becoming so commonplace as to lose the world’s attention. In light of this risk, I set about reviewing the underlying political motives, which sparked the invasion. Before the Russians crossed the border friends asked me if Putin would invade. I was convinced that he… Continue reading Invasion of Ukraine