Thinking about War


I have spent my entire adult life either in uniform or supporting various military organizations. In my sixth decade of experiencing this mortal coil, I have finally taken the leap of creating my own web site.

My intent is to encourage intelligent, thoughtful and respectful discussions about war and warfare. Let me be clear: war is an inherently bad idea.  It is evil.  It is a form of collective madness.  It is destructive and cruel, unworthy of our better selves. So why study it? To better understand this madness.

As I write, Vladimir Putin, Russia’s Supreme Oligarch has violated the sovereignty of neighbouring Ukraine and Russian troops are invading their benighted neighbours. The Ukrainian military is putting up a valiant resistance and I wish them well. To those who would shun the study of war and warfare, I would point to Ukraine and to today’s invasion. And so, in spite of the fact that war is utter madness and arguably the most destructive of all of humanity’s many creations, it is my contention that we must study it. Only through its study can we hope to understand it and only through this understanding can we hope to control it.

I hope that through our discussions, we will all gain that sought after understanding.


PS: The photo above is a Canadian Army Leo II MBT, during training. A proverbial ‘Snow Leopard.’ Photo Credit: AB Zach Barr