Professional Military Education (PME)

PME is a vast subject area and only marginally less controversial than the death penalty or whether there is other life in the universe. The point I wish make is that most PME is focused at the level of senior officers (whether it is good or bad is a separate issue). Most of the PME that is aimed at Non Commissioned Officers or junior officers like Second Lieutenants is arguably not worth the moniker of PME. I suppose the argument could be made that they are too junior to be considered ‘professional’ but I do not subscribe to such thinking. Professionalism is not dependant on rank; Sergeants and Captains require PME every bit as much as Majors and Colonels.

Part of the problem (from my jaundiced perspective) seems to be that the military tells you exactly what you need to know to make it to the next rank and so there is limited incentive for the interested junior professional to go beyond those requirements and broaden his or her mind to the profession of arms.

Not sure I have it right, but I’m sure someone will correct me . . .

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